On premise Hosting vs. Colocation


  The debate of hosting your servers in the office or to collocate them in a Data Center has been one that has been around since servers and data centers have been around. This debate shouldn’t be a debate at all and should be common since today. Now of course if your company can afford everything from redundant generators, redundant UPS’s all the way to redundant providers then this article isn’t for you. We are focusing on those that still feel it’s safe and secure to host on-site and not make the leap into colocation services with the right hosting company. We will dive into why NextArray was started and why we continue to push our providers to offer us the best pricing possible for our clients.

 On-site hosting, if you host your companies’ servers in the office in your (Server Room) you should look at things such as Power Cost, Bandwidth Cost, Fire Suppression, Generators etc. these are the big items to focus on since these should be your major over head and cost. Let’s take into consideration security of the facility and monitoring of your facility and server room. You are probably also thinking how to control access to that server room and managing all of the access in and out. With all of these items always in the back of your mind why not consider the amount of time wasted worrying about these things and your boss looking over your shoulder about cost etc.

 Colocation/Data Center hosting does come with it’s own challenges such as not right down the hall or potentially sharing space with other clients but let’s look at the big picture and consider why this should be put into your yearly budget. Let’s take NextArray’s home facility based in the Dallas, Texas Infomart location. This facility is a carrier hotel and not only houses companies like Bank of America, AT&T, Path.net, Logix, Flextintial and of course Equinox it’s also home to hundreds of small hosting providers. This has also allowed us to provide clients with a multi-blended circuit meaning we have 7 providers on our network meaning we can lose 6 and still be online. NextArray decided on this location due to it’s almost unlimited bandwidth and carries but the large amount of generators and 100% uptime. We have leased a private suite that can house 50 full cabinets with 4 x 20 Ton A/C units. At your office location you can potentially get a 100Gbps x 100Gbps circuit but the build cost and monthly cost would be nearing $200,000 build cost and around $15,000 monthly cost. In our Dallas Infomart location we can achive a 100Gbps circuit for little to none install cost and around $6,500/mo. Circuit. This is just one example of potential within a Tier IV data center and there are many more examples.

 We know that there are around 130 data centers with in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and cost can vary per facility. We suggest you evaluate everything about these companies such as (Live Chat 24×7, Access to support via Skype, Discord or Slack, On-site assistance, willingness to dedicated time to clients migration free of charge and cost). These are huge factors that will make your experience of hosting your hardware in a data center much more enjoyable. Here at NextArray we believe that providing clients with the best experience and good customer service is the best way of standing out. If you are interested in learning more or discussing a migration with us please feel free to come to our site at https://nextarray.com and chat with us 24×7.

Thank you,

    Richard Adams – CTO/Co-Owner