Top Reasons to Switch your Web Hosting Company

At the initial launch of any website, many site owners tend to go with any cheap hosting. Any working web hosting service may seem sufficient at the start, but things will mess up with time. As the business and the audience grow, poor web hosting services start failing to meet huge traffic needs. Every web hosting company’s performance can vary depending upon their servers’ location, use of technologies, and their hosting plans.

Several site builder platforms offer their own hosting services. Startups and entrepreneurs end up choosing cheap plans that make things worse later on.

Is switching to a new Web Hosting Service Difficult?

Site migration or switching web hosting providers may seem like a challenging task, but it is quite easy. There are many plugins and automated tools that can be used for site migration and to switch web hosting. The new hosting provider will also be happy to assist you in the process. So, when it comes to switching a web hosting company, you don’t need to worry. You always have resources that can make your job a lot easier.

Reasons to switch Web Hosting

Several critical metrics determine the efficiency of the web hosting service. In online business, every second count and a minor delay in the service can be devastating. Businesses cannot afford to go offline even for a minute, so when web hosting fail to provide the promised uptime, site owners tend to bounce.

Uptime is not the only reason that can scare the clients. Here are the top five reasons why businesses switch web hosting companies:

1.    Slow Site Loading Speed

Does your site take several seconds to load the content? Do your visitors have to wait due to poor site performance? If yes, then you are using the wrong web hosting service for your business. Do you know how important site loading time is? Well, the experts indicate that if a website takes more than two seconds to load the contents, 40% of the visitors will abandon your site.

In the eCommerce business, the ideal load time is considered to be one second, and any typical web hosting company cannot offer these perks. Almost 30% of the customers will never return if your site has a slow loading issue.

Here are some issues with the current web hosting provider that are dragging down your business:

  • A poor and outdated server configuration
  • A single server is handling majority of the traffic
  • Non-strategic placement of the servers

There are many site speed test tools that you can use to check the speed of your site. If site optimization does not resolve the slow site loading problem, then switching web hosting may be the only viable option for your site.

2.    Poor Web Hosting cPanel

Apart from the performance and the features of any web hosting provider, the UX of the service provider also matters a lot. You will be dealing with the web hosting dashboard a lot. If you have issues with the usability of the service, you might break your site.

Not all business owners have technical expertise. If you come from a non-technical background, then a complicated or sluggish dashboard can make things harder for you. As your clients hate the slow loading sites, the site owners also hate the same thing about the poor web hosting dashboards.

Most of the professional web hosting companies has the user-friendly and easy to use dashboard. If you are fed up with the sluggish dashboard of the web hosting company, switching the company might solve your issue.

Higher Downtime is dropping Sales

Imagine your potential trying to access your site, but due to poor web hosting service, your site was down at that time. You will end up losing clients due to poor uptime and higher downtime. Time is money, and online businesses have proved this saying. Here are possible results of the higher downtime of business websites:

  • Less traffic and visitors
  • Dropped sales and conversions due to unavailability of the services
  • The down site will affect the reputation of your business

What is the ideal uptime for a website? Do you think 99.00% is a good uptime? These numbers look amazing, but the reality is that 99.99% is the ideal uptime for any site. There are several tools that can be used to measure the real uptime and downtime of the site. If you get lower figures than 99.99%, it indicates that you are absolutely right to switch web hosting.

3.    Web Hosting Plans are Expensive

Professional web hosting services might be a little bit pricier, but it does not mean that you need to break your budget. Great performance comes at a higher price; still, after some research, you can easily find more suitable web hosting services. For startups, you can easily get top-performing web hosting in less than $5 per month.

The price can be higher for large organizations and enterprises. So, put some efforts into the search for more economical web hosting plans. Just remember that paying more does not guarantee better performance. The balance between cost and performance is critical.

Things to consider before Switching Web Hosting

You should not jump straight into switching the web hosting company. Many factors must be your focus while choosing the new option. Here are the top things that you need to check about the new company:

  • Their web hosting packages
  • Control and access to the functions
  • Customer support
  • Billing system of the company
  • Server location
  • Downtime, uptime, and performance of the servers

These are some reasons to switch your web hosting. If you are not good at technical stuff, then hiring an expert for this job might be a better option. Webmasters will take care of all web hosting and site-related issues. In the online world, web hosting is the backbone of any business. Poor choice of web hosting can sabotage your business. So, be careful with the web hosting company.