Infomart Dallas – One Of The Most Connected Data Centers

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Infomart is the world’s first and largest data center. It stands tall as one of the tallest buildings in Dallas, Texas. Infomart Dallas is the only data processing marketing center in the world.

Situated at 1950 N. Stemmons Freeway, USA, it occupies a central position in the market center neighborhood near downtown. The DART’s Market Center Station serves this data center.

History of Infomart Dallas

The Infomart Dallas was opened under the umbrella of Trammell Crow’s Dallas Market Center. It started operating in the P.C. Cobb Stadium site for $85 million worth.

Established in 1985, Infomart was built to stimulate the growth of data centers around the world.

It has been serving the needs of data centers and information technology companies since 1985. The building was sold twice in the years 1999 and 2006 after functioning as a major trade show for data centers.

ASB Real Estate purchased Infomart and continued serving the information technology vendors.

Infomart attends to 110+ telecommunication and technology companies across the globe. The property and management department of Infomart was recently merged with Fortune Data Centers, another big data center operator.

The purpose of this merger was to build a national data operator. This combined entity will still operate under the same name of Infomart Data Centers.

During the 1980s to 1990s, Infomart hosted multiple monthly meetings and events. Several computer user-groups of Dallas, including Amiga, Apple II, Atari ST, and Antari 8-bit family, participated in it.

However, in April 2018, ASB Real Estate sold the Infomart property to Equinix Inc for a whopping $800 million.

Merger With Fortune Data Center in October 2014

Infomart branched out into multiple data centers and established a colocation facility in Dallas. Since 1985, Infomart has been catering to several high-tech firms in and around Dallas.

Infomart was initially more focused on data center networking. However, it came to be known as the Infomart Data Center after getting merged with Fortune Data Centers.

Under the new data center identity, Infomart announced plans to establish a fourth facility in the near future. Infomart Data Center witnessed a sturdy growth owing to increasing IT requirements.

More data centers were in dire need of access to new technology, which fueled the growth of Infomart Data Center more.

Shaping the Connection Between Various Data Centers

Trammell Crow, a modern-day business visionary, built this 1.6 million sq ft area to stimulate IT growth in Dallas. Infomart is a microcosm of the evolution of IT in Texas, USA.

The latest generation of IT companies is finding new ways to accelerate digital transformation. As more IT companies are leveraging the fiber crossroads of Infomart Dallas, the information technology sector of Texas is continuously growing.

Infomart Dallas homes four out of eight data centers of Equinix. The DA1, DA2, DA3, and DA6 IBX data centers are operated in the Infomart building.

The Infomart Dallas is the major site for allowing cross-continental data and internet traffic exchange in the USA. It is strategically placed between long-haul fiber-optic internet networks and two high-throughput.

The Primary Interconnection Hub

The Infomart Dallas is the primary provincial interconnection hub in Texas. It is tied through terrestrial fiber optic long haul cables to the Equinix IBX data headquarters in Mexico.

The connectivity enables IT enterprises to secure their network to the leading clouds in Texas. It also allows enterprises to reach other businesses around the world via the ECX FabricTM.

Global IT companies headquartered in the Fort Worth Metroplex, Dallas, are seeking ways to expedite their digital transformation. Infomart offers these global companies a way to expand their information technology capacities and witness robust growth.

These companies are on the lookout for cost-effective IT solutions and multi-cloud access. Infomart provides these companies with vendor-neutral colocation IT operations to boost their global as well as regional reach.

Infomart Dallas has been providing low-latency connectivity and direct multi-carrier access to its business partner ecosystems. It strives at delivering interconnection growth to multiple IT enterprises in the U.S. and anticipates a greater success.

Equinix is enabling Infomart Dallas to plan ahead of the IT requirements of its customers and business partners. It is fostering the global shift to digitalization in Dallas and is supporting prospering IT markets.

As IT infrastructures are trying to keep pace with the new digitalization, Infomart Dallas is facilitating their growth. It is enabling various data centers to cross-connect to their network partners and customers.

Infomart Dallas | The Data Palace

The Infomart started as a permanent trade show for multiple IT vendors. The building design and structure was based on the famous Crystal Palace, a massive structure offering similar functions in Victorian Britain.

From the beginning of 2000, the ASB Real Estate started developing the Infomart Dallas as a carrier hotel. Last year, Infomart Dallas was merged with T5 Data Center facilities to create Stack Infrastructure.

The latest expansion by Equinix, DA11, offers a capacity of 6,700 square meters of colocation space. With more companies trying to get into the ever-evolving digital landscape, Infomart enables them to implement their IT infrastructures easily.

Infomart Dallas – Changing The Ways of The IT World

Trammell Crow is all about new business ventures. He is considered the biggest real estate originator in America.

Infomart Dallas ranks among the top visible monuments created by him. The introduction of Infomart Dallas changed the marketing strategy of computers and their byproducts.

Within six months of existence, Infomart was filled with several global IT companies. After the acquisition of Infomart by Equinix, this data center has been undergoing continuous makeovers.

The Infomart Dallas is the fundamental connectivity center in Texas, one of the busiest and highly competitive markets.

According to Data Center Hawk, Infomart Dallas operates on 334 MWs of commissioned power. Infomart Dallas is now the largest colocation provider in the world and serves as a key networking facility for Equinix. Four major data centers of Equinix operate within the property of Infomart.

Coupled with the unique information technology competitive advantage, Infomart provides a high-density interconnection platform to its customers.

Equinix turned Infomart Dallas into a mega interconnection property to support IT content providers. It homes all IT large footprints, enterprises, and premium retail stores under a single facility.

Equinix valued the Infomart Dallas property highly due to its unmatched expansion capabilities. Equinix is continually expanding Infomart Dallas to make it the most well-connected data centers in the world.

The Latest Expansion by Equinix

Equinix recently opened a data center expansion worth $142 million. Equinix has constantly been investing in Infomart Dallas after acquiring it in 2018. In June 2020, Equinix announced the latest expansion of its Infomart Dallas campus.

Equinix, the interconnection giant, stimulated a sandbox environment by opening an Edge Proof of Concept Center. It also opened a 5G for all technology vendors, mobile network operators, and cloud platforms.

This expansion move directly supports the evolution of IT enterprises in Dallas, Texas. With more companies trying to shift from traditional businesses to digital ones, Equinix decided to expand its IT platform.

Infomart has been enabling companies to rapidly scale their IT infrastructure and get into the digital age. It also allows them to quickly adopt various hybrid multi-cloud networks.

Infomart is the leading data center that enables regional and global companies to interconnect with their strategic business partners. The Infomart platform now homes about 10,000 global customers.

The Dallas region is known as the primary communication and information technology hub for the Southern part of the United States. This region has the largest concentration of IT and telecommunication enterprises.

A large number of these companies belong to the diverse and dense ecosystem of IT enterprises, clouds, and carriers at Infomart Dallas campus.

5G Innovations

This business ecosystem makes Infomart Dallas the perfect location for data centers that are seeking to test or validate the latest edge and 5G innovations.  Equinix introduced the Edge and 5G POCC to create a growth environment for all technology vendors.

Now several Mobile Network Operators, IT enterprises, and Cloud Platforms can connect with the edge data center. They can test, demonstrate, validate, and expedite edge deployment, interoperability, and complex 5G scenarios. The latest 5G and Edge POCC strives to –

  • Develop edge and 5G architectures that can leverage the existing ecosystems at Equinix
  • Develop partnering strategies, go-to-market for the edge and 5G architectures, and multiparty IT business models
  • Explore various hybrid multi-cloud networks and interconnectivity between public clouds, private infrastructures, and Mobile Network Operators

The ninth Equinix data center, DA11 IBX, is the second building on the Infomart Dallas campus. It is a state-of-the-art, four-story data center building designed to provide both large and small capacity edge deployments.

The innovative yet modular design leverages the elements for reduced capital costs, space, and power. It delivers the highest availability standards with low complexities and operating risks.

The complex will provide the needed IT capacity to businesses that are seeking to incorporate hybrid multi-cloud infrastructures. It will also enable them to operate within a dense ecosystem of business partners.

Key Facts about The Latest Expansion of Infomart Dallas by Equinix


The first phase of Equinix DA11 has a capacity of 1,975 cabinets and a huge colocation space. Upon the completion of the DA11, the facility will deliver a total capacity of 144,000 square feet of colocation space and 3,850 cabinets.

National and Global Communication

The Infomart Dallas now houses 135+ telecommunication providers and nine IBX Equinix data centers. It is directly connected to the fifth most densely interconnected hub in the U.S., Equinix’s Infomart Dallas.

Wrapping Up

Infomart is continually expanding its IT and telecom solutions for cloud, content providers, and enterprises in Dallas, TX. Infomart is expected to provide 11% of the global interconnection bandwidth by 2022, which is an immensely impressive figure in today’s scenario.

The Dallas region is expected to outperform other areas in interconnection bandwidth adoption. This well-connected platform allows customers and partners to dynamically connect and discover others globally.

The Infomart Dallas offers a single connection, and it is easy to use the portal to the Equinix Platform. ECX Fabric provides access to 2,100+ global enterprises, SaaS providers, and cloud service providers. By accessing their secure and single private connections, enterprises can rapidly scale their advanced digital operations.