Does Web Hosting Server Location matters in SEO?

While searching for any information, you might have noticed that some websites load faster, and some take more than a few seconds. What is the reason behind the variations? Does Web Hosting Server Location matters in or SEO?

Many experts will suggest different changes and modifications speed up website performance. Some would suggest compressing the images in the web pages, and some might try to optimize the CSS. There is only one thing that is acknowledged by everyone regarding the website’s slow loading speed. Yes, we are talking about web hosting performance.

Web Hosting Company

Thousands of web hosting companies are working in the online business field. Web hosting companies are the real heroes that are powering millions of websites around the globe. But, choosing the right web hosting plan is not the easiest thing to do. There are many metrics involved in running a successful website, and web hosting are one of the most important ones.

So, the reputation of the web hosting company will help you a lot to choose the best web hosting package for your site.

Does Web Hosting Server Location matters in SEO?

While choosing the web hosting plans from any hosting provider, you will realize that almost every party will focus on choosing the right location of the hosting servers. Knowing about server location and why it matters is really important for business owners and entrepreneurs. So, let’s have a look at the details so that you can make the best technical decisions for your site.

What is Server Location?

Your website is being hosted at some physical location, and the location of that data center is the actual server location. It is not necessary to have the same server location as per your place. You can have a server from any region depending upon your needs.

If you have bought a hosting web service from an Australia-based company that does imply they have servers in the area. Actually, the server location can be different than the location of the company’s office.

Does Server Location affect SEO?

Most of the top hosting companies have divided the whole clientele into different regions. For better performance of the sites, having the same server location as the place of your business can be a good strategy. If you are running a business in Algeria and most of the customers are from the same location, you should consider the nearest server to reduce the distance between customers and the audience market.

The server’s distance is critical for the site performance, and choosing the right demographics is essential for every site anywhere.

After discussing all of these things, we can say that the hosting server’s location matters a lot in terms of page load time. As the page load time is a critical metric in the SEO of any site, eventually, hosting server location impacts the site’s SEO.

How to choose the right Server Location?

Choosing the web hosting server may not be a priority for many businesses, but experienced webmasters always consider this point. We don’t want you to face different challenges due to poor server location so, here are two scenarios regarding the web hosting server location:

  • You can choose the nearest data center to access the closest hosting server.
  • Go for a professional hosting company that included CDN too.

So, the final decision would be to choose the server location that is geographically located closer to your customer base. It means that you need to rely on hosting servers that are located closer to the target market. In major markets like the UK, USA, France, and other countries, you can easily find hosting servers closer to your targeted audience.

If the location factor does not work for your target market, you are free to choose the services of the hosting company with the CDN facility. When you use CDN, the loading speed and time remain unaffected for all visitors from different regions.

Website Speed is Critical for Business

The storage space capacity, pricing plans, and other main features are always almost the same in different web hosting companies. The overall performance is something that makes some web hosting companies better than others. In terms of SEO and ranking, the speed of the website and the load time are two major deciding factors.

Delay of a single second can cause major drops in the business. You cannot simply afford to lose clients due to poor performance and delayed load time of the website. Apart from on-page SEO and other UI and UX modifications, web hosting is another important factor that impacts site performance.

The location of the server will determine how and when the system handles the user queries. Local servers are more likely to resolve the domestic queries first. When the data is fetched from thousands of kilometers away, you may not notice the delay, but your visitors will definitely feel the difference.

If you are not convinced about the impact of server location and page load speed on your website and conversions, here are some eye-opening stats for you:

  • An only 1-second delay in your eCommerce site’s load time can cause a 7% drop in sales and conversions.
  • If your site is taking more than 3 seconds, more than 40% of visitors will bounce.
  • The increase of 2.2 seconds in the load time of the page can cause a 15% increase in sales.
  • Amazon loses $1.6 billion annually just due to a one-second delay.
  • A small portion of the second can result in filtering millions of search results in Google.

Final Verdict

After all of this debate, you might be feeling overwhelmed with information flow. Let’s make the processing smoother for you:

  • The location of the server is important for site and business.
  • The server location impacts the SEO of the site.
  • Page load speed is an important factor of the SEO
  • Investing some larger amounts in CDN can save your business from dropping sales.