Shared vs Reseller Hosting- Which one is better?

Almost every web hosting company offers hosting-reseller programs. There is a key difference in shared vs reseller hosting These hosting reseller programs allow the companies to make more sales and clientele by collaborating with other sellers. So the hosting bought through these reseller programs is known as reseller hosting. There is another option of shared hosting.

If you are into online business or own a website, you might have heard about dedicated hosting servers, reseller hosting, shared hosting, and many other hosting-related terms. So, today we are going to clear the misconceptions between shared and reseller web hosting.

What is Web Hosting?

Millions of startup and entrepreneurs are using the power of the internet to expand and launch their business ventures. Like any other file on our computers, you also need to store your website somewhere. Although you don’t need to worry about physical hardware to store the website’s data, yet you need to choose the right company that can do this job for you.

Web hosting is the space that you get on known or unknown servers to store the data and files of your website. Some hosting options are cheaper in terms of pricing, while some are more powerful regarding performance.

Earn by Selling Web Hosting Services

Actually, these two hosting models are for the sellers who want to jump into hosting business. If you want to earn passive income by selling web hosting, you can either choose a shared hosting or reseller program. First thing first, shared hosting and reseller hosting are two different hosting options. In the case of shared hosting, you are sharing the server resources with other sites and businesses. While in reseller hosting, you are selling specific space to other sites. shared vs reseller hosting explained furthermore in details.

This simple explanation is not going to be enough to clarify things so, let’s have a detailed look at every both option.

What is Shared Hosting?

You share the server with other site owners, which is termed as shared hosting. It means that many other sites are also going to host their files on the same server as yours. All of the site owners on the server will get all the important tools and options to manage and host their site.

Shared hosting is generally more affordable as compared to dedicated servers, VPS, and reseller hosting. This option is perfect for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are going to host a single website.

The choice of shared hosting may be appropriate in the initial days of the business, but soon you will have to switch to some other powerful hosting. Shared hosting plans are not meant to deal with large traffic. So, define your future goals and expected traffic before finalizing any type of hosting plan for your site.

Shared vs Reseller hosting

Advantages of Shared Hosting

Like other hosting plans, shared hosting also comes with a cPanel where you can manage most of your stuff. Shared hosting can be used to host several domains on a single server, and that is an edge for businesses who want affordable pricing plans. Apart from affordable pricing and sufficient power for small businesses, here are some other great features of shared hosting:

  • Shared hosting is easy to manage
  • plans are more affordable and cheaper
  • Shared hosting is efficient
  • You can easily customize your site

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

The advantages of the shared hosting seem very attractive, but there is another side of the picture. Shared hosting plans come with some limitations and restrictions too. Knowing these disadvantages of shared hosting will allow you to make better choices. Here are prominent limitations of shared hosting:

  • The website might crash more often
  • Performance of the site may not meet your expectations
  • Security of the site is not top-notch

What is Reseller Program or Hosting?

When you use the hosting services of a famous parent company to sell as your personal brand, it is called a reseller program or reseller hosting. Almost every famous hosting company has some sort of reseller program. You can start the reseller hosting business with almost zero investment and start generating passive income by promoting and selling the hosting services under your name.

What is Managed Reseller Hosting?

When you have partnered with the parent hosting company, you can confidently sell their services as your own with managed reseller hosting. If something goes wrong on the client’s side, your hosting provider will take care of everything. It means that you need to worry about almost nothing. From setting up basic stuff to troubleshooting the issues, your hosting provider is responsible for the technical stuff.

Advantages of Reseller Hosting

Reseller programs are the best options for starting your own business with personal branding. You need minimal investment to start your reseller hosting business as you don’t need to arrange hardware. You are also not responsible for maintenance and customer support. So, you are only promoting the services with personal branding and landing new clients for your business. Here are some prominent advantages of reseller hosting that make it a better option among other available plans:

  • Enjoy more freedom and flexibility with reseller hosting
  • Joining reseller program requires no or minimal investment
  • With dealing with technicalities, you can easily manage your business
  • Offer additional features and better offers than the competitors

Disadvantages of Reseller Hosting

Like any other program, there are some limitations in reseller hosting too. You may not find these issues of any important still, knowing the limitations or disadvantages of the reseller program are important for every involved party.

  • Limited access to the web hosting servers
  • You are totally dependent upon the parent service provider
  • If you decide to switch parent hosting company, it will be hard to manage users’ data


A single hosting plan or program cannot meet the requirements of all projects. There is no such thing as the best hosting program, as each plan has its own perks and disadvantages. Before starting with the shared hosting or reseller hosting, also do your due diligence regarding both options. The choice of the web hosting program is going to define success when traffic grows with the passage of time.