Top WHMCS Products To Choose In 2020: Take Your Web Hosting Business On New Heights

Are you aware of the tools that you need to start a web hosting automated business? No? Finding the Top WHMCS Products may have all the answers to all your questions. It is a one-stop place for all the required necessities of the web hosting business.


It is the world’s leading web hosting automation platform. It can do things for you with the utmost efficiency and can give you tons of benefits.

Let’s have a look at the benefits WHMCS is providing

  1. Save time
  2. Automate Billing
  3. Web and Domains
  4. Support tools
  5. Developer friendly
  6. Secure and Scalable

Now the thought must be crossing your mind What products can help you manage your WHMCS Platform?

Then here’s the list

1) HostX – WHMCS Theme

Gone are the days when WHMCS has to depend on the third party for the content management system. Now the content management system is efficiently handled by HostX. Users can have complete control over the website SEO with the help of SEO manager.

Plus users are allowed to add & update meta tags, manage Robots Indexing & set OG tags. All these can be done in HostX.

2. ClientX – WHMCS Client Area Theme

Fed up from ordinary designs? ClientX offers a unique function that enables users to experience innovative designs and ease of administration in WHMCS. Users can opt to use themes and much more for a better and unique designs. It is different from earlier design by WHMCS and offers advanced themes with color changing features to give more engaging and user-friendly touch.

3. WHMCS One Page Order Form

In any case, saving time is always beneficial. Because one can invest that saved time in some other activity. This time-saving capacity is a gift from WHMCS to its users. As earlier the process is of 6 steps, now it is just a single step away. It helps to boost your conversion rate by

reducing your cart abandonment with one step check out.The whole process can be done in the blink of an eye.

4. WHMCS OVH VPS & Dedicated Server Module

WHMCS OVH VPS & Dedicated Server Module is offering only 4 steps procedure to start VPS/Dedicated Server Reseller business without investing in Hardware infrastructure.

Some of the key features of this module is an automatic provision, ACL supported, power control, white-label email piping and so on.

5. Multibrand For WHMCS

With the help of Multibrand module on will be able to manage multiple businesses on multiple websites using just one WHMCS license!

Migrating clients between brands are very much feasible with this module. The module will also allow the company to regulate the pricing of the products, add ons and so on

6. Resellers Center For WHMCS

It can empower the reseller to handle the end clients and generated sales in the system, without interfering in the reseller’s business one can have required supervision over the reseller’s ventures.

This module based on the reseller group will provide flexible management.This module provides feasibility to track the sales progress statistics, as well as draw up multiple variants of documentation for resellers.

7. Client Area Popup For WHMCS –

This module can help its users in miraculous ways. The user can customize when the pop up will appear on the screen of the clients it can appear on particular days or any other condition such as if the customer stays for a long time on the website and so on. The pop-ups will be visible across your client area.

Every pop up that is created can be converted into any form like image, text, HTML and so on.

8. Product Cross-Selling For WHMCS

Sometimes when someone buys products but is not aware of other related products that can make the work easier. But what if the company itself recommend the essential add ons? WHMCS recommend to the audience hand-picked collections of extra goods, addons and facilities, based on the things they already have in a shopping cart.

This module will allow the customer to order from the personalised recommendations.

9. WHMCS Cloudflare Module

DNS plays a very crucial role in giving web hosting company edge over other hosting companies. As DNS is mandatory for a web hosting provider. Cloudflare offers FREE DNS to the hosting providers and that too can be easily resold with WHMCS module.

Here are some benefits which come along with Cloudflare Unlimited and Unmetered DDoS Mitigation, Prevent Customer Data Breach, Accelerate Internet Applications, Accelerate Mobile Experiences, Ensure Application Availability, Save server bandwidth, Free CDN & SSL and so on.

10. Account Statement Module

Earlier this feature was missing in the WHMCS services. But now the availability of Account Statement Module will help to send proper account statements to customers showing all their unpaid invoices and many more things.

The client can generate, view and download statements. This module further provides flexibility in choosing the size and fonts of the paper and many more features.

How it is important for web hosting companies?

Nowadays web hosting companies are facing tough competition on the digital platform. In this time all the companies are looking for that one feature which can draw a differentiation line between them and the rest of companies.

WHMCS with all the products has the ability to draw that line and can make the associated web hosting company enjoy the special edge over other hosting companies.