Why Dallas Colocation is best choice for your business

Colocations are available in many countries, but what differentiates Dallas from others? 

First, let’s understand what Colocation is and how does it work. 

What is colocation? 

Colocation allows renting a space, hardware, bandwidth and IP addresses in a datacenter. That space is commonly known as a rack within a datacenter, and provided on rental basis to other companies. Companies usually have to bring their own hardware, and then uses the network of the provider. Colocation is affordable, and it has the following advantages: 

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  • Provider’s network 
  • Allows renting IP addresses 
  • High Speed Network 
  • Cooling system 
  • Disaster Management 
  • Continuous Power Supply
  • Managed Services by Provider
  • Remote Hands

With all these features provided by using colocation, it makes it easier for companies to use the rack and avoid lot of high costs by having its own datacenter. 

We hope that Centex Hosting made colocation clear for you. 

Now moving towards the advantages, it provides over other locations. 

Why Dallas for colocation? 

Many datacenters in Dallas provide an extremely affordable solution for colocation with amazing features. The professional facility available at Dallas datacenter allows you to put your server in a safer environment, and do not have to worry about any issues. 

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Multiple peering networks are available there, providing you with the best routing. Giant companies have chosen to host and co-locate their servers, so let’s move on to the advantages. 

  1. Fastest Network 

Most of the network providers have direct connectivity in the datacenters of Dallas, hence providing the lowest latency in the country. It has a presence of more than hundred network providers. 

  1. Most Affordable 

There are many factors which makes it affordable to co-locate in the datacenters of Dallas. One of them is that that electricity costs are very lower there, along with the tax incentives. All this benefits the companies who choses Dallas to co-locate their hardware in Dallas. 

  1. Location 

It is located in the central part of the United States and also has access to two airports which allows 

travelling easier and cheaper to Dallas. 

  1. Low risk of natural disasters 

According to the sources, Dallas has the lowest degree of natural disasters. Due to this, even though the datacenters always have disaster management put in place, but lowest chances of disasters ensure the company that no data would be lost due to such issues and do not have to worry about it. 

These were just some of the advantages over other locations of co-locating in the datacenter. Any company that is planning to co-locate in the United States, should choose Dallas as it has enormous features that makes it unique over other locations.  

We know some companies that are great at providing co-location services. Feel free to try them out as they are also located in Dallas, and makes the use of awesome perks available in this location.