Top 5 Game-changing Web Hosting Directories

5 Game-changing Web Hosting Directories

With the million advantages of web hosting, it is a great market to be part of today. Hosting websites is an easy yet powerful business idea, especially for those who know how to make the most of it. However, with the plethora of web hosting companies online, it can be difficult to choose the ones that suit users the best. It is in these cases that web hosting directories are most helpful for website owners.

To place your bet on a single web hosting company, website/business owners might have to conduct rigorous research, compare features, assess pricing plans, and then choose the right hosting provider. Web hosting directories make everyone’s lives easier by listing the best companies in one place. This prevents users from getting hosted by unreliable companies or paying additional hidden costs. Moreover, users can gauge the companies that have the best discounts and hosting packages available for you too.

Here is a list of the top 5 web hosting company directories available online.

Top 5 Game-changing Web Hosting Directories:

1.   HostingSeekers

HostingSeekers is an award winning go-to directory for everything website owners need to know about hosting. It provides a comprehensive list of the best web hosting companies and what they are good at. Based on unbiased customer reviews, website/business owners can choose the one the fits the bill. Additionally, they have high-quality blogs and articles sharing ideas, tips and tricks of the industry.

Benefits for website owners: Website owners can contact web hosting companies directly as well as get initial quotes from them. This will help users to compare prices and packages offered by different companies. The website also offers a round-the-clock support service. Website owners can simply register on the website and access reviews from other customers, deals and coupons, and get going.

Benefits for web hosting companies: Web hosting companies can register for free on the website in a few mins to attract more clients, get regular reports on their performance on the directory, get featured on the top depending on the rating and reviews etc.

2.   HostAdvice

HostAdvice is another highly recommended web hosting company directories available online. It has several web hosting companies that give you great discounts on their website. With an active blog, they feature articles that are written only by industry experts and very experienced customers. This makes their reviews genuine and unbiased. They also have a lot of tips for startups and individuals who are just starting out on their journey in the web hosting industry.

Benefits for website owners: HostAdvice claims to update their database very often which ensures website owners get to choose from the latest offerings. They offer a great side-by-side hosting comparison service which gives you a visual overview of the difference of your selected hosts.

Benefits for web hosting companies: A web hosting company can submit their web host on the website. They will need to submit basic details and get approved to feature on the website. HostAdvice has additional features that allow providers to optimize their listing, manage reviews and track performance.

3.   WHTop

Web Hosting Top or WHTop is truly a one-stop-shop for all the information you need to get started. With around 40,000 user reviews, they have over 28,000 web hosting companies that website owners can choose from.

Benefits for website owners: An interesting feature of the website is that users can find the top web hosting companies in different countries as well. They have successfully developed a unique way of reporting metrics so users can detect and understand unreliable companies. Website owners can sign up and choose from over 80,000 plans and access other promotions.

Benefits for web hosting companies: Web hosting companies can manage their profiles and answer officially and directly to customer reviews and queries.

4.   WebHostingGeeks

Web Hosting Geeks is a directory from 2004, featuring only the best companies. It claims to have over 23,000 reviews and 25,000 hosting providers, making life easy for the website owners. A team of 12, this website is a trusted source – revealing both negatives and positives of a web host.

Benefits for website owners:  Users can access a vast database on the site, with analysis and information on the current trends as well. The site users are first verified and then allowed to post reviews and comments, which makes their site genuine and reliable. Their “ask an expert” feature might be helpful to understand the difference between different features and then make an informed decision.

Benefits for web hosting companies: Known for their wide-ranging database, they have high-quality information and research outputs, hence, listing as a hosting provider makes sense. Ranking on the top in such an extensive database can help hosting companies reach a good share of their target market.

5.   WebHostingReviews

Web Hosting Reviews has the best user reviews that are written to help new users. When it was started in 1999, the owner Michael was only 16. With 3 different versions over 22 years of existence, it is one of the most trusted directories for web hosts on the internet.

Benefits for website owners: With the advanced search option, website owners can choose, compare and customize all their requirements. This gives you an overview of the web hosting company you are looking at, while also allowing you to focus on one specific feature if needed. They also have a strong social media presence and a query section for all questions you might have.

Benefits for web hosting companies: Hosting providers get a chance to highlight their strengths as every web hosting company is marked and reviewed based on their uptime and reliability, server and connection speed, technical support and knowledge, customer support and pricing value for money. The web hosting companies can reach a large share of their target audience as this is one of the oldest web hosting directories.


The web hosting industry runs online, and so all the players in this industry have to have a strong presence too. For website owners, it is important to make the right and informed choices to run and grow their businesses successfully. For web hosting companies, it is crucial that they reach out to their target groups and sell themselves well.

Hosting directories are the perfect marketplaces for both – website/business owners to buy, and hosting provider companies to sell. Detailed web hosting reviews can take users a long way. Choosing the wrong host for website owners can be an absolute deal-breaker. This article summarises the top 5 web hosting directories that will help any user to distinguish between different web hosts.