How to resell Cloudflare Services in WHMCS?

CloudFlare Services

Planning to resell Cloudflare services in WHMCS? If you answered, YES! Then you are going to give the hosting business an outer edge over other web hosting businesses.

In this article, we are here to discuss how to make reselling of Cloudflare services in WHMCS hassle-free for web hosting service providers.

You might be wondering how Cloudflare works? First, let’s discuss Cloudflare in detail.

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare services act as a reverse proxy for websites between the visitor of the website and hosting provider of Cloudflare users.

The web content delivery is optimized by Cloudflare. How does it optimize? It stores the contents (including JavaScript, CSS, images and other files) on its servers and if you are using Cloudflare network then the content and data of your website will be delivered from the nearby server of the site’s visitors.

With a mission to build a better internet, Cloudflare is helping bloggers, newcomers, businesses, non-profit organizations and many more to boost their online presence.

Here are a few services provided by Cloudflare-

  • Content-delivery-network services
  • Distributed DNS services
  • DDoS mitigation
  • Internet security

The Cloudflare focuses on the growth and advancement of internet properties. It helps to offer higher availability of the content for visitors with cached content and higher security.

How can Cloudflare benefit your clients?

Cloudflare can help your clients in numerous ways. It has become one of the largest networks of the world due to its functionality. If you are reselling Cloudflare services to your clients, you are helping them and offering them some of these benefits –

Higher availability of content- Cloudflare has a decisive edge network for its customers, which is capable of providing the website content as soon as possible from the closest server.

Increase security- Cloudflare protects internet properties from any type of malicious activity. It offers great functionality such as SSL to protect your client’s website from DDoS attacks, nefarious intrusions and malicious bots.

No data leakage- The chances are high that your internet provider or anyone on the internet is tracking all the activities of your clients. No matter even if the content is encrypted, your client’s data can be used to target them with ads. So, Cloudflare offers a free DNS service called, or you can say Cloudflare’s that can protect the personal data.

Here is a list of some other benefits your clients will get with Cloudflare

· Protection from Customer Data Breach

· Accelerate Internet Applications and Mobile Experiences

· Confirms the availability of the Application

· Get CDN & SSL for free

· Save bandwidth of the server

· Unmetered and unlimited DDoS Mitigation

Needless to say, Cloudflare services are going to help your clients in so many ways. Cloudflare services never disturb the websites or services already running on the platform.

What are the benefits of reselling Cloudflare services?

Hosting providers can also get many benefits if reselling Cloudflare services. When you resell Cloudflare Services from your WHMCS Website, it helps your clients to get easy access to the services, and they can enjoy some of these –

Allow your customers to get Cloudflare services from one platform- When you resell Cloudflare service from your WHMCS website, it allows your customers to get all your assistance and additional Cloudflare services from the same platform. As a result, you are helping your customers to complete the purchase hassle-free and also saves time.

Easily upgrade Cloudflare plans according to the hosting plan- Which Cloudflare plan is right for your clients is not an easy decision to make. So, when you allow your customers to purchase according to their hosting plan, it becomes easier to make the decision.

Increase the security of your client’s website- Chances are high that most of your potential customers would go and make a purchase of the Cloudflare services. However, some of them may not even know where to buy the Cloudflare services from, while others may not understand the importance of these services. When you resell these Cloudflare services from your website, they would be able to understand the importance of these services and prefer buying for the security of their websites. Furthermore, this additional security feature will attract customers more.

How can hosting providers resell Cloudflare services?

Web hosting service providers can use the WGS Cloudflare WHMCS Module to resell Cloudflare services easily in no time. You might be wondering why to use this WHMCS Module. We’re here to clear your doubt –

Let’s have a glance at some of the enthralling benefits of using WHMCS Module –

Clients will be able to order Cloudflare Services from your WHMCS Website.

This module will allow your clients to buy Cloudflare FREE, Pro, Business plan, and other add ons and different products from your WHMCS Client Area.

No need for separate DNS service provider- DNS settings allow their clients to set their DNS records easily from the client area. You don’t need a different infrastructure for the DNS settings. With Cloudflare, hosting providers get FREE DNS that you can easily resell with this module.

Clients can manage DNS records- Your users can easily manage the DNS with our user-friendly user interface. Even if your customers are a newbie and don’t have technical knowledge even then, they can edit and update the DNS records. The DNSSEC section can also be enabled or disabled by your users.

Clients can quickly view analytical data- In this module, your client will be able to see the analytical section in which traffic, bandwidth and other analysis will be according to the new GUI pattern. So, this means all your client has to do is just log in to the WHMCS client area, and they will be able to see this.

Clients can manage cryptography settings- Another benefit is your clients will be able to manage cryptography settings with ease through WHMCS Client Area.

Clients can manage firewall settings- Managing firewall settings has never been so easy before. Your clients will be able to modify and adjust numerous things like the security level, browser check, new firewall IP address with ease. And that too without logging in to Cloudflare website. They can do all these things through your WHMCS Client Area.

Clients can manage website Speed- As you know, Cloudflare is best at boosting a website’s speed. Here are a handful of the features that your clients can manage – Auto Minify, Rocket Loader, Mobile Redirect, IP Geolocation, Max Upload Size, from your client area.

Clients can manage to cache- Another important benefit of WHMCS Client Area is now your customers will be able to manage cache plus they can set a limit to browser cache expiration and caching level. They can also wipe the cache with an option to enable the development mode for a particular file or overall cache.

Clients can manage scrape shield settings- With this latest WHMCS Client Area the scrape shield settings that include Email Address Obfuscation, Server-Side Excludes, Hotlink Protection can be handled by your clients.

Clients can upgrade their Cloudflare Plan – Do you want your customers to shift their plan from FREE to PRO or Business in no time? Then now it is possible as they can easily do that through your WHMCS Client Area. In this way, this module acts as a link between your WHMCS and Cloudflare.

So, using WGS Cloudflare WHMCS Module, web hosting service providers can easily resell Cloudflare services without any extra efforts. So, don’t wait and get this module and start offering the services your clients deserve.