Best payment gateways for your non-registered business

Starting a new business, but thinking that it is too early to register the business? We will be covering the payment gateways that you can actually use them if you have a non-registered business. It is always recommended to get business registered as soon as possible for better options, but in the meantime, some of these payments gateways might be good for you.

1. Bitcoin Payments/Cryptocurrencies

Accepting Bitcoin does not require you to have a registered business. Some payment gateways would not even require any kind of identification proof. So, that is one of the most easiest option to accept the payments. But beware, lot of abusers use crypto-currencies for fraud etc. This can cause lot of issues, however if fraud system is put in place, then it can be prevented easily. Some of the largest payment gateways to accept cryptocurrency and Bitcoin are following:, Blockchain, Commerce Coinbase and many more. However, BitPay requires you to register a company, so you cannot use it for your non-registered business. Additionally, it is easier to provide your Bitcoin address to your customer to accept the payment, and then with this way, you do not need to pay any fees to your gateway and directly accept the payment.

The above mentioned cryptocurrency gateways provide an integration for common e-commerce software, so if automation is required, we recommend using these gateways.

2. PerfectMoney

It is a popular online payment gateway. Personal and business accounts are same, no verification is required to create an account. However, companies can register their business and get some benefits such as low fees to accept the payments. This is also widely used by many companies and lot of currencies can be bought online using this gateway. Integrations are also provided by PerfectMoney, to automate your store and accept payments in minutes.

3. Payssion

Not a common payment gateway, and it is fairly new to the industry, but it is worth looking into it. We have found out that this payment gateway allows accepting around more than 200+ payment gateways. Some of the payment methods include: Credit/Debit Card, Web Money, PaySafeCard, UnionPay, AliPay and so many other different kind of methods for each country. They may ask you for your identity verification, however business does not need to be registered to use this service. This was one of the best payment gateways we have come across with and recommend this to our users.

Additionally, it has modules for famous e-commerce stores such as WooCommerce, WHMCS, HostBill and many more. Payssion is actively working to expand their business and add more payment methods.


We hope that you found this article helpful. According to our research, only these three payment gateways does not require a registered business. However, it may differ for other countries regulation, and we will try to keep this list updated. There are always less options when you are running a non-registered business.