Pinterest Affiliate Marketing A Definitive Guide

Pinterest is actually the most important image-based program within the world. It’s quite a sort of program combined with a social bookmarking site.

You can publish Pins with Pinterest, and also use SEO together with your Pins… which is awesome. But before we get into the small print, let’s talk for a flash about a number of the stats. It boasts 250 million active users, 125 million of which are located within us . But 2 million of those users actually save shopping Pins to boards on a daily basis… which is quite important.

According to reports, Millennials are using Pinterest the maximum amount as they’re using Instagram. The median age for Pinterest users is 40, but the bulk of active pinners are on the younger side of that.

But here is where things start to urge interesting. tons of individuals don’t realize that 40% of Pinners have a household income of $100,000 or more!

A lot of individuals also don’t know that 93% of users say they ‘plan purchases’ through the platform, and 87% of Pinners have actually purchased a product due to Pinterest.

And finally, the typical Pinterest user spends 14.2 minutes on the platform at a time.

If you’ve never looked into Pinterest before, you’ve got been missing an affiliate market gold mine.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing
Pinterest as an inquiry Engine

Pinterest is really a very powerful program tool. you’ll optimize your Pins for SEO by adding detailed hashtags, titles, and descriptions.

This means that your Pins will crop up when other users look for relevant ideas and keywords.

Pinterest is an awesome tool for generating traffic. we’ll cover that more during a moment.

Pinterest as a Social Bookmarking Platform
Pinterest as Social Bookmarking
Pinterest does a couple of unique things as a social bookmarking platform.

For one, it enables users to look for interesting content. this is often why SEO is firmly embedded into the location and Pins… in order that Pinterest knows what content has relevance to what searches.

But when users find Pins that they like, Pinterest also allows them to Repin them to their own boards.

So, if someone is curious about home remodeling, they could have a ‘home remodeling’ board on their Pinterest account. If they’re browsing Pinterest and find a cool Pin that they like (an image of a cool house or a fun remodeling idea, maybe), they will then Repin this Pin to their own board.

That is really how Pinterest works. It allows people to look for cool stuff and even create their own new stuff. And then, it allows them to Pin and saves the things they like that were created by people to their own Boards.

Pinterest as an Affiliate Marketing Vehicle

About a year and a half ago, Pinterest started allowing Amazon affiliate links into their Pins. You can now create pins that connect on to different products that you simply try to affiliate market… which is HUGE! But surprisingly, tons of individuals aren’t using this detail to their advantage. they’re using links to get a couple of quick sales… but they’re not using them to create long-term, 6-figure traffic.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing
Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

But here during a moment, I’m getting to show you ways to try to to it the proper way! First, however, we’d like to speak a few of the common mistakes that folks make on the platform.

What Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Is and What it’s Not

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is the sort of platform where you would like to use the TTO method of affiliate marketing.

Pinterest isn’t the place to only spread links.

Leveraging Pinterest as an affiliate marketing platform is really pretty intuitive.

As with any social platform, you would like to form sure that you simply are integrating your affiliate marketing efforts during a way that’s getting to vibe well with other users.

People are on Pinterest for fun… to not get spammed with links and offers!

The good news is that tons of individuals actually spend money due to Pinterest. The bad news is that tons of affiliate marketers don’t skills to leverage it correctly and that they find yourself messing up their long-term game as a result.

TTO is that the Key to Successful Affiliate Marketing
TTO stands for Traffic, Trust, and Offer. this is often a reasonably common adage among affiliate marketers.

Using this formula with a couple of Pinterest marketing hacks our Pinterest Traffic keeps going up!

Pinterest Clicks Traffic Stats

Start using the location to get traffic to your boards
Build trust by not spamming links or behaving during a way which will drive users away
Offer relevant links on key posts in order that you’ll begin the method of making an affiliate network tunnel using Pinterest
This is really what separates the great affiliate marketers on Pinterest from the really bad ones.

When your skills to use Pinterest the proper way, it can generate huge amounts of traffic.

In watching our own analytics shortly ago, i noticed that we’ve had over 2 million unique visits from the location.

To date, we are using it together of our most aggressive social traffic sources… mostly because it works.

But you want to skills to try to to it correctly. Keep reading, because, during this article, you’ll find out how winning marketers are earning many thousands of dollars per annum from Pinterest!

Spamming Links Kills Your Affiliate Marketing Game

I mentioned this before, but it bears repeating. don’t SPAM LINKS! you’ve got to use Pinterest for the enjoyment of loving Pinterest… and link to the proper sorts of content within the right context.

That is the sole thanks to winning. Do it right. Be legitimate. No sketchy business. Don’t be ‘that guy’ at the party, trying to sell his product to everyone while the remainder of the party-goers try to possess an honest time!

How to Leverage Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing
how to leverage Pinterest
There are literally 3 main ways to leverage Pinterest for successful affiliate marketing.

Direct Link a Pinterest Pin to an Actual Product

This is the foremost obvious and direct affiliate marketing strategy on Pinterest. Let’s say that you simply try to sell barbecue utensils. To use direct-linking, you’ll create a Pin titled ‘best barbecue utensils.’ Then, you’ll link that Pin directly through your affiliate link to the Amazon page where the person could purchase those utensils.