An ever-increasing competition hits the digital world as dozens of new websites pop up every day over the internet. The new arena demands reorganization of content marketing strategy. Only investing in the right SEO tools will reveal desired results. On the most basic level, the basic website design must meet certain requirements of search engine giants like google. SEO strategy comes into play at this point.  

As 2020 has started it has changed the horizon for SEO trends. Keeping up with the trends is crucial for attaining a competitive advantage. Have a look at these emerging trends to cater to the demands of the new millennium.

  • Quality driven optimized content

No matter what trends alterations emerge in the alteration “content” remains the lifeblood for SEO.

Content drives everything in SEO, including the internal strategy, site structure and related links of the business. No matter how much content is available for a particular website yet the best content will always shine out. Quality content demands a thorough understanding of the audience in terms of methods of search and intentions behind the search.

Content cannibalization comes into play in this case, where specific content is audited for merging, overlapping and redirecting.

  • User-driven optimization & BERT 

Bert was a logarithm innovation introduced by Google in 2019. As it became a hot topic, every business turned its attention towards optimizing for BERT. Different discussions at marketing platforms deduced that the strategic delivery of content serves as the turning point.

Reassessing the user access points for searching a specific topic will be the hallmark for the alignment of content. Incorporating BERT means that you will be focusing on intent matching. Pure string matching will no longer yield sustainable results.

With this new result, business needs to turn the digital marketing strategy in more obvious and objective segments. This demands the marketers to learn the intentions of buyers behind every search. It is not a matter of showing up over the top of a search engine. Fulfillment of user needs serves as the centerline.

  • E-A-T 

For 2020 E-A-T showing expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness is the newest trend. The search engines will explore the overall ranking of a business and then screen the content available about the company. Just like traditional setup businesses, online businesses will need to earn a reputation with best customer service and trust. 

So just adding reviews will not be enough anymore. The trust rankings will now serve as the brand ranking. Issues not only manifest themselves as reviews and feedback about your brand, but they also take the form of technical or security issues on your site.

Earning a competitive advantage in the digital world is tricky, some points to focus upon are:

  • Customer service with a focus on minimal friction during customer queries.
  • Price
  • Excellence in the supply chain with corresponding status updates
  • Digital branding or business charisma
  • User experience focusing on simple, convenient and useful
  • Niche products
  • Mobile SEO

2020 is surely flooded with mobile SEO trends. Every business is now striving for a mobile site which is both a mess and a blessing at the same time. The business owners surely need to update their mobile app to speed up the accessibility of business to all customers. 

This calls for a double action. Firstly the business needs to have a site available at mobiles and secondly, it must be compatible at the desktop as well. This two-step approach will make the site optimized even before the launch. The speed issues will be minimized. Hence if you still don’t own a mobile seo strategy, make it highlighted in your to-do list. 

This trend has mainly emerged as a result of hectic life routines. Nobody has the time to sit over the desktop and explore the internet. Mobile devices are the ultimate answer to this speedy life trend. The mobile seo and serps need to be explored.

  • Technical SEO & UX

For 2020 the biggest and prominent trend seeking the attention of seo professionals is ux, which stands for user experience. This covers a vast domain of experience including the initial interaction, the landing page outlook, and the feeling which the visitor experiences after leaving A particular business site. So seo marketing strategy needs to overhaul all these. This calls for various tactical moves including drip campaigns, remarketing and personalized offers. 

It is a continuous value addition process knocking at every step of a customer’s visit and even afterward. This value addition is possible only with the help of technical SEO addressing both site and page speed when we talk about technical SEO and UX, you have to talk about site speed and page speed. Slow warning badges and speed reports have become an increasingly famous trend now. It will surely demand an in-depth conversation with the company’s developers resulting in systems that may demand complete redesigns for page templates and reallocation of the company’s assets. 

2020 will embrace a technical shift in the SEO ecosystem. This shift will use extensive JavaScript usage, with pwas, and a call for SEO automation, especially for business giants. 

  • No more blue links in 2020

Zero-click searches got great attention during 2019. It means visibility is not denoted by blue links. For your digital marketing strategy devise some ways for zero-click searches. Marketers in 2020 need to find out how to acclimatize the critical information depicted in search snippets.

Digital marketers need to explore the strategic tactics to enhance the actual clicks by applying snippet optimization, image targeting, newer schemas, and content optimization.

The new world of technology changes with a blink of an eye. The competition faced by business analysts is no more local or international. It is beyond boundaries and margins. A single trend in one part of the world can largely affect the marketers sitting at the other end of the globe. 2020 surely denotes a need for a shift in marketing strategies and business tactics. 

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