Why is web hosting important?

One of the major areas where a business is supposed to be concerned is its web hosting service. Web hosting plays a great role here since it determines in what form the website will be delivered to the customers. Before discussing on the widespread impact of the web hosting service in your business we would like to tell you what it actually is:

"Host" here refers to the remote servers which stores the files of your website. Every website needs to have a server for its operation and the website owner needs to pay an amount every month for the purpose. The importance of a web hosting service is manifold.

  • Your Digital Identity: First of all, it helps you to create your own digital identity. The down time of your website is mentionable in this respect. Down time of a website means the time when online visitors cannot access your website. Down time may vary from a few minutes to long hours. The visitors will not be able to gather information or carry on transaction throughout this period. This will eventually spoil the reputation of your website and there may be a time when no user visits your site. And no visitor means loss of business. So, it is very important to ensure that your web host does not give you much down time. Larger the site, more is the need for a host that will be efficient enough to handle the associated traffic without system overloading.
  • It Helps in Business Communication: You can send mail through your server with the help of the web hosing services. Some people have separate accounts for personal correspondence, online transaction and business correspondence. A web host will help you to keep the different accounts separate and help in successful e-mail organization.
  • Search Engine Ranks: Better the web host you choose, better will be the position of your business among the search engine results. So, when a user tries to find a service or product by searching online, your company will be shown among the first few and more users are likely to visit your website this way. Web hosting thus helps in traffic generation and eventually in marketing too.
  • More Productivity: The web hosting service providers will look after the needful and you do not need to employ your workforce in the same. Your staffs do not need to be bothered regarding it and will be able to utilise their time and energy in something else. This in turn helps in increasing the productivity of your company.
  • It is cost efficient: Hosting saves your budget since you do not require large capital outlays on hardware and data center. The maintenance charges are also reduced. The hosting environment allows you to pay only in accordance with the growth of your business.

Web hosting service is thus important for reliving your company and workforce from dealing with down time and also helps in business growth in many ways.



Know about the different types of web hosting

Web hosting, as you may know, is really important for your business to grow and develop. All of us are acquainted with the names of four different types of hosting which are shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, VPS web hosting and cloud web hosting. Let us have a detailed discussion on these four types of web hosting so that you can have a clearer idea on which one to choose for your business.

  • Shared Web Hosting: This type of hosting is the cheapest of all and is best-suited for beginners. Let us find out how this type of web hosting works. Over here all the users and their sites share the same resources provided by the host and thus faulty code in one of these websites may affect the functionality of the others. This is because the faulty code or other technical issues in the site may lead to the utilization of a larger part of the RAM. As a result, the other sites are left with a smaller part of the RAM to work with. This may eventually prevent thousands of visitors from visiting another site under the same web host when there is no error in the part of the website under consideration. It suffers just because of its "bad neighbor".
  • VPS Web Hosting: VPS Web Hosting or Virtual Private Server Web Hosting is a better form of web hosting where many users upgrade to since a VPS web host has only 10-20 users affiliated to it and thus a better utilization of resources is possible. Each user is entitled to a greater part of the resource and the problems in one site is not likely to affect others much. In the management structure of this type of web hosting there is a hypervisor who helps in managing the virtual machines.
  • Dedicated Web Hosting: As evident from the name, this type of web hosting service provides you a server exclusively for the functioning of your business. You can handle thousands of visitors in your site and also have the flexibility to choose your own hardware parts and OS. The "bad neighbor" effect is completely removed here, thus making it a great option for sites with a large traffic. However, the downside of this type of web hosting is that you have to manage the entire thing on your own and require trained and competent staff for the purpose.
  • Cloud Web Hosting: Cloud Web Hosting is similar to a VPS web hosting and over here one has the opportunity to use the resources of multiple servers. One great advantage of a cloud web hosting is you can ensure further scaling of your website as compared to the traditional web hosts.

So these are the different types of web hosting. You should select any one of them depending on the number of visitors who are likely to visit your page and the amount of money that you are ready to spend.



How to choose the right web hosting service

Availing a proper web hosting service is an integral part of any business. There are many types of web hosting services available and different companies that provide these services. Choosing the right web hosting company is thus very important and requires you to consider many factors.

  • The Type of Business: The nature of your business is an important factor in selecting a web hosting service. Not every service provider is competent enough to serve every kind of business. Each web hosting service has its area of specialization and it is better to choose your company accordingly.
  • Technical Features: The processing power, storage space, RAM specifications and other technical features of a web host play a great role in determining whether it will be able to serve your purpose. Whether you are the owner of a blog or an e-commerce website will be a deciding factor here. It will determine the load time, down time and other technical properties required from a web host.
  • Price: Price is an important factor that is to be considered for availing the right web hosting service. It is not necessary that a low-cost web hosting service will help you to save on your budget. The cheaper web hosting service providers will not allow your business to ensure proper productivity. It may lead to huge losses and thus will not be the right one to choose. You should rather hire a web hosting service which will be reasonably priced and will provide you with your desired features.
  • Technical Assistance: You may not have an adequate number of technically competent staff who will be able to do the needful of maintaining the entire thing. Proper technical assistance from the service provider becomes necessary in that case. People also want the web hosting companies to provide technical support during times of emergency. An active customer care team with efficient agents will prove effective here. It must be ensured that the customer care representatives are there to help the customers solve different technical problems whenever they face any issue.
  • The Hardware Parts: The hardware parts offered by the web hosting service provider constitute another important factor to look out. It is not possible to enjoy the benefits of a web host without the usage of the necessary hardware components. The hardware parts used by a web host should be quality products and suitable for serving your needs.
  • E-mail Services: E-mail services, as we all know, form one of the most important areas of service of a web hosting company. The solution of spam problems, dealing with general mails and other areas of concern in relation to e-mails should be dealt with efficiently and effectively by the web hosts.
  • Scalability: A web hosting service should be scalable to a large extent so that even if a business experiences huge growth it does not have problems scaling the web hosting services according to its requirements.

Consider all these factors and choose your web hosting service provider judiciously.



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