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There are many different website hosting companies out there today, but finding one which understands the importance of uptime to a business owner is a different story. Many hosting companies offer cheap deals, but most users don’t know that the services which they offer are not managed. This means that in the unfortunate event where something goes wrong, you would be on your own and nobody would be there to help you.

With Centex Hosting, all of our services are managed with a full technical staff on standby to assist you with any support should you require it. We understand that business owners rely on quality hosting and industry leading uptime and we are proud to offer this to all of our clients.


Reliablity and quality service are essential for our customers. Centex provides high availability and performance servers with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Customer Support

Running an online website for your business can be very technical, so you want to ensure that professionals are looking after it for you, while you are busy focusing on the daily operation of your company. Centex provides customer support through email and live chat to help fix any issue you may encounter in a timely fashion.

Cost Effective

Centex offers cost efficient hosting packages of great value. Our managed hosting packages will save your time and money that you would need to spend in order to diagnose server issues as our technicians would take care of your server themselves at no extra cost.


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